The SurveyBot Solution

Movers face many challenges today. Find out how different types of
moving companies across the industry benefit from using SurveyBot.

Convert Your Online Leads

  • Customers now spend more time online and make decisions faster than ever.
  • The SurveyBot Widget is an embeddable button for your website that gives customers a way to schedule video surveys within seconds.
  • The button comes with a fully synced calendar. No overlaps or delays - ever!

Maximize Time Efficiency

  • Schedule and perform a survey in 1/2 or 1/3 of the time of the on-site estimate.
  • Reduce stress by accommodating customers' busy schedules and let them schedule at their convenience.
  • Extend the hours that you are available and expand your market reach by leveraging video surveys.

Improve Inventory Accuracy

  • Provide guaranteed estimates based on recorded video walkthroughs.
  • Minimize overages and put an end to pricing discrepancies.
  • Build trust quickly and create convenience by providing estimates within hours.

Reduce Your Overhead

  • Moving companies spend $150-$250 per on-site estimate, with SurveyBot cut your costs up to 90%.
  • Eliminate scheduling, traveling and vehicle costs.
  • Expand your business without leaving your office.

Claims Simplification

  • Video surveys record the pre-existing condition of items.
  • Avoid the expense of sending a claims adjuster physically to a home.

More Effective QC Visits

  • Document the quality of the move in progress with ease.
  • With SurveyBot, you gain improved transparency of your moving crew's activity.