How to Move Furniture on a Budget

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November 22, 2016

Although rearranging and playing with furniture in your new house sounds like a fun time, moving items to a new place simply doesn’t. Pieces such as kitchen appliances and bulky items are quite difficult to move and demand a considerate amount of time to do so.

Moving furniture across state

It doesn’t come as a shock that most people look for the cheapest way to move furniture, both across state and across country. Experienced movers are therefore the best solution, if your budget allows you to hire them. We are all afraid of having our priceless items damaged, then going through a stressful process of getting the reimbursement we deserve.

So we wrote this article, briefly comparing key points between DIY furniture moves and hiring professionals to handle it on your behalf. We also aimed to answer questions regarding shipping furniture to another state and the cost of shipping furniture cross-country. Finally, there are a few useful files to download, such as the infographic explaining the best way to match truck size with your needs.

Moving Furniture from State to State

Most people have that very same dilemma when it comes to local moves – hire experts or do it yourself. If DIY is something you’re considering, there are a couple of questions you need clear answers to. Aside from time and money, you need to consider insurance, the amount of items you’re moving, transportation, as well as packing and unpacking.

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It is not so hard to start the whole process, but the brick walls you stumble upon along the way can be a nightmare. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many heavy, bulky, and non-practical items are you moving?
  • How are your packing supplies? It’s not just boxes, you know…
  • Insurance! You won’t have any if you move on your own.

DIY really is the cheapest way to move furniture, but as you can see, it depends on various factors. It can be done, but it requires good planning and a few friends to jump on the bandwagon.

Moving Furniture Across Country

The most important trade-off you face when shipping furniture cross country is finding the right balance between a reasonable price and high quality service. It can be really challenging to have each one of your expectations met, but it’s not impossible. Just because a company doesn’t own powerful references, it doesn’t mean that they don’t provide top-notch relocation service.

The best advice we can give you is to completely forget about the DIY moving furniture adventure. If you’re still questioning whether it pays off, turn your question table around. Moving a load of large furniture items in a van is just a start. Think about the distance you have to travel, the risks involved, paperwork, and the serious lack of experience with the entire process.

cheapest way to move furniture

Instead, try to use the existing competition in the moving industry. You really can find the cheapest way to move furniture across country if you play your cards right. The mentioned trade-off can come close to perfect if you compare a few quotes from different companies. You may question the time and effort that goes in to do all that.

There’s a way around it without losing quality as well. Go virtual and do video surveys. Schedule it whenever you want, pick up your smartphone, and record the items you want moved. Moving companies will send you the quote then, without having to repeat the survey or having to deal with any additional fees later on. With SurveyBot, you get to easily find the cheapest way to move furniture.

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Cheapest Way to Move Furniture

Couple of tips before we finish:

  • If you’re looking to hire professionals, you should look for moving companies that offer video surveys.


Because you get to schedule the survey, there’s no need to fit it into your busy schedule. You can get the job done using only your smartphone, from the comforts of your home. Also, get multiple bids when choosing moving companies.

  • DIY will save quite the amount of money, but requires in-depth planning

Suggestion: Do it only when you’re not moving highly valuable or bulky items. It’s just not worth it if you have cash to spare. Should you decide to DIY, be sure to use our infographic for selecting a properly sized truck.

  • When moving by yourself, you need information

Many companies are throwing boxes out all the time. Make sure you get those. since they’re 100% free. But always ask for permission to take them first.

Don’t do it yourself, invite your backup, and turn moving into a relatively fun activity.

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